artist Beth Stafford, studio, painter, Mosaic Series


Brightly colorful, energetic art and jewelry for yourself or a friend which begins with a little touch of reality and takes off in all directions from there. Sometimes you will see the "real" basis for the abstracts and sometimes not, but it is always there - trust me!

My art, jewelry, and prints are in many notable collections nationally and internationally, priced reasonably ($15 - $2500), with optional payment plans to make larger works affordable. Welcome to my online gallery - stay as long as you like, come back often, and contact me here if you're interested in making a purchase, or have a question or comment about the art. Presently I only accept payment through PayPal.

A few notes:

I am in the process of revising my site - please excuse the confusion , and stop by often to view the progress! Some of the works above aren't yet listed - working on it.

The Mosaic Abstract Series: #1, #2, & #3 have an interesting story behind them. Read about it at Art Up, Down, and Sideways!

My digital prints and jewelry are done under the name "PiCassieO" - read about how it happens at Art with Love from Cassie and Beth  or just hit "About PiCassieO" on my nav bar.

I have an Etsy store which features PiCassieO prints and jewelry exclusively - nothing over $50! Stop and shop at PiCassieO: Art With Love From Beth and Cassie

PiCassieO art is also featured on lots of fun items which make great gifts (iPhone covers, mugs, collectable stamps, etc.) in my store at Zazzle - great sales there every week, so drop by often, starting at PiCassieO !