The Other Side, Part 2

"The Other Side, Part 2" Gouache on Paper 1983
26.75" x 20"

I did a previous version of this which included more of the surroundings and a detailed tile floor. It was a part of two vestibules in my church which I could see from the choir. The one on the opposite side of the sanctuary was a little different; that painting was called "The Wide and the Narrow" (scriptural reference), and then I did another one from that side, "Door V: The Narrow". Then I decided to do a closer version from "The Other Side", which you see here. I liked both of the "abstracts" better than the originals!

This painting was selected for the Henley Paper Company Southeastern Spectrum exhibit in Winston-Salem, NC, and was chosen to be included in their traveling show throughout NC in 1983. It also won First Place in the First Union December Art Show (Salisbury, NC) in 1984, and is now in a private collection.